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Excellence Beyond Expectation !
Why d meet'ng

Special Journal of Open research reviews to bring together global best brains to exchange ideas on what Open research reviews should as  where different professionals meet to move  to join forces to face the daily challenges that affect our corporate existence

Multiplicity, as well as the complexities of the common challenges, enabled the invention of one health principle and unity or global alliance when facing common threats. The idea is to ensure no stone is left unturned as we struggle to remain relevant n earth

Digital systems have continued to swallow all analog systems worldwide and at an alarming rate to the extent that everything will soon depend on the dynamics of the innovations in open research and reviews. Unfortunately, the crime rate through this system has created a jaw-dropping fear that one wonders which direction to go.

Control measures and checks and balances are needed to control what ends up on our desk for publication including the systems that are emerging as determinants of global development systems.

Security systems need stringent ideologies to ensure the potential benefits of Open research reviews are fully exploited. This can easily be achieved during this type of best brain global assembly

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Why take part

We glad to accommodate all stakeholders in this virtual online conference about matters that concerns all of us. It is brought to the comforts of your bedrooms, doorsteps, and anywhere so as to give you chance to let your voice be heard.

No travels restrictions, no lockdowns, no vaccine passports, no visa applications, and so on. We can still achieve a lot in the pandemic despite the aftermath of the pandemic that brought us to the new normal ways of life.

If you do not say here I am, no one will know where you are and what you have to say to the world. Register and invite your contacts as well so that together we blaze the trail of sustainable development

Our plan for your abstract

Abstracts are stand-alone documents that should be clear, concise, and educative enough to allow readers to make decisions without reading the full text.

Abstracts are also published separately as Journals supplements without the may text.

Structured abstracts will be upgraded and published as “Opinion papers” or “Position papers”. Participants may achieve this by working in tandem with our Special Conference committee (SCC) of the Special Journal publisher

Open Research and Reviews Virtual Conference 2021
Getting the first things right

Open Research and Review Virtual conference 2021

DATE:        September 23-25th, 2021

Abstracts deadline: September 14th, 2021


Fill this form to submit papers for the conference

1. Register to present your papers (Attach or paste your Abstracts)

    2. Register to listen and learn from others (NO Abstracts)

      Selected topics include but not limited to

      Open research

      Session 1: Research principles

      1. Pilot and reconnaissance research investigations are good examples that fit into this initiative as they provide the basis for bigger and broader investigations.
      2. Submit papers on the health, social, economic, environmental, political, and other scientific aspects of life.
      3. Research papers dealing with humans, plants, and animals because we promote one health and one life principles as key to achieving sustainable development goals.
      4. Submit Research notes with details on small, often initial studies, descriptions of surprising observations including laboratory procedures that can be defined in a clear and succinct report with a few and simple illustrations.
      5. Policies for human welfare are made by the amalgamation of these observations which can be expanded in real-time specialized research papers for specialized journals.
      6. Papers on Policy-based facts from politics, economics, health, environment, social, science, and others
      7. Research findings from non-academic populations and not experienced populations not well experienced in paper writing but have original facts they separately want to disseminate
      8. We will also accept protocols and SOPs that can stand alone for use by researchers provided that authors can articulate the optimization process to the satisfaction of our readers

      Session 2: One health

      Abstracts on one one-health should stand-alone observation in the human, plant, and animals research can include but not limited to any of the following areas:

      1. Etiologic characteristics,
      2. epidemiology,
      3. disease diagnosis,
      4. treatment,
      5. pathogenesis,
      6. prevention,
      7. control,
      8. Molecular genetics,
      9. mutagenesis,
      10. microevolution of special pathogens, and
      11. the mechanisms of microbial-disease resistance,

      Section 3: Multidisciplinary Research

      Papers addressing research questions in Laws, Religion, Philosophy, Education, Physical Sciences, Engineering, clinical medicine, public health, epidemiology, Economics, Geology, and all fields of study relating to the wellbeing of human’s plants, and animals.  Our focus is on research that is relevant to societal wellbeing including studies conducted in animals, and laboratory


      Session 4: In-depth Foundational reviews

      1. Critical review papers that aim to demonstrate that the writer has extensively researched literature and critically evaluated its quality.
      2. Literature review papers that outline the generic term: published materials that provide an examination of recent or current literature
      3. Mapping review/systematic map that describes in groups and categorizes existing literature from which to commission further reviews and/or primary research by identifying gaps in the research literature.
      4. Meta-analysis papers that statistically combine the results of quantitative studies to provide a more precise effect of the results.
      5. Mixed studies review or mixed methods review, which refers to the combination of methods with a literature review component  
      6. Overview papers Generic term: summary of the [medical] literature that attempts to survey the literature and describe its characteristics.
      7. Qualitative systematic review/qualitative evidence synthesis outlines a method for integrating or comparing the findings from qualitative studies.  

      Session 5: Supplementary reviews

      1. Rapid reviews about the assessment of what is already known about a policy or practice issue, by using systematic review methods to search and critically appraise existing research.
      2. A scoping review that defines the preliminary assessment of the potential size and scope of available research literature.  
      3. State-of-the-art review papers tend to address more current matters in contrast to other combined retrospective and current approaches.
      4. A systematic review that seeks to systematically search for, appraise and synthesize research evidence, often adhering to guidelines on the conduct of a review.
      5. Systematic search and review combine the strengths of critical review with a comprehensive search process.
      6. Systematized review that attempts to include elements of the systematic review process while stopping short of the systematic review.
      7. Umbrella review should specifically refer to review compiling evidence from multiple reviews into one accessible and usable document.


      Abstract style

      a. Background: Define the problem the unmet needs

      b. Objective: State the gap you want to fill

      c. Methods: Show how you want to achieve this objective

      d. Results. Outline the key findings of this investigation

      e. Conclusions. State the take-home lesson learned


      To Register for the Open Research and Reviews Virtual Conference 2021 on September  17-18th, 2021, fill the form above or call us:  +256 726 011573/ +256700488917 and/or send a mail to us at You will get an instant response in not more than 48hrs, from our dedicated staff mandated to serve you.

      1. Faculties………….US$20
      2. Students………….US$10
      3. Others……………..US$20
      4. Grps more than 20, get 30% off
      5. Register to listen [ US$10].
      6. Corporate Exposition: ….US$100

      Queries to: or (what’s app +256726011573) or direct call +256700488917 

      Abstract publication

      Accepted abstracts will be published as supplements in the Special Journal of  Open Research and Reviews

      It will also be published in all our social media outlets. Authors will be guided on how to write the manuscript for publication in any of our 20 special Journals.

      Open Research and Reviews Virtual Conference 2021

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