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Special Journals Brand Managers wanted

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The COVID-19 and revolutionized the global special Journals publishing business pattern ushing in a paradigm shift that may now be defined as the new normal which may remain so for some time. We, therefore, invite anyone from anywhere in the world to join our dedicated team to sell the new publishing brand “Special Journals publishing Group” to stakeholders

Special Journals publishing Group is a relatively new brand name in publishing that needs to quickly get across to the stakeholders at the various industries such as Education, Finance, Agriculture & Farming, Information, Technology, Robotics, Infrastructure, Light & Heavy, Construction, Telecommunication, Space, Retail, Communication, Green, Hospitality, Secondary, Tertiary and many more. This Special Journal publishing Group needs to go specifically to institutions of higher learning, (Universities, polytechnics, colleges of educations), policymakers, CEOs of different establishments, Managers, Directors, Governmental and nongovernmental agencies, already awash with so much voluminous literature.

The Microevolutionary process that defines the dynamics of the new and existing threat in our changing societies requires new ideas tailored to tackle the specific threat to human existence. It is not clear if the big old names in publishing can meet these challenges vis a vis the volume and complexities of changes including the emerging and re-emerging challenges. This justifies expansion and accommodation of new hands and brains to meet up


This is entirely a sit-at-home and work job anywhere in the world. However, the expected skills of the present will then be to the advantage of the successful candidate. The candidate should have quality development skills as it relates to the new brand, market analysis, and management of the assigned job. They should have the ability to think innovatively and act innovatively.  

They need to be competent in communication and have a desire to provide first-class customer service to the clients and a drive to excel work of the products.  Should be able to think strategically and logically to develop the ways of promotions and advertising of the services and products.  They must have the potential to coordinate their work in an analytical model.

Responsibilities of this Special Journals publishing Group marketers

  • Champions the effort to maintain the Special Journals publishing Group integrity in all respects.
  • Plans, implements, and executes successful researchers and stakeholder’s awareness programs (strategic planning, positioning, cost, promotion, advertising).
  • Contributes to the strategic developmental planning process.
  • Sets Special Journals publishing Group planning calendar, coordinates cross-functional activities and planning processes, manages timelines, and ensures timely completion of all deliverables.
  • Leads the development of strategies and objectives for building and executing annual Special Journals publishing Group engagement through partnerships, social media, fan conventions, Scientific conferences, workshops and seminars, and other awareness vehicles.
  • Utilizes category and authors’ insights to identify growth opportunities and drive innovation in publishing as well as database awareness initiatives.
  • Attend and represents the Special Journals Publisher in stakeholders meetings such as conference, workshops, and seminars.
  • Provides strategic leadership including documentation to allow proper measurement of awareness campaigns 
  • Monitors product catalog compliance and testing reports.
  • Performs other duties as necessary to support the objectives of division and company.
  • Analyze Special Journals publishing Group positioning and consumer insights
  • Shape and communicate our vision and mission
  • Translate Special Journals publishing Group elements into plans and go-to-market strategies
  • Lead creative development to motivate the target audience to “take action”
  • Establish performance specifications, and appraisal including all marketing campaigns, and assess Return on Investment (ROI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Monitor product distribution and consumer reactions
  • Devise innovative growth strategies
  • Align the company around the Special Journals publishing Group direction, choices, and tactics


Brand managers are paid a defined amount for each manuscript submitted and published at their recommendations. Thus, if an author says paper submission is based on brand managers’ recommendation. Please direct all questions to  or call +256782101486 and +256703129679

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